Updates: My hiatus, Patreon, new work and goals for 2018!

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Yes, it definitely has. I had to take a break from everything as I was getting stressed, I had way too many things on my plate. But I’m back, and I’m ready to give you some great work this year!

It’s 2018, and I have already started up on some of my goals for this year. One of which, I had been contemplating for a good while, was to start up my Patreon page! I felt it was a good way to make my work as accessible to my supporters as possible. It’s also a way to create a community around my work and for me to keep a close ear to the ground with what my readers want.

Patreon is such a successful platform for many creators and I wanted to give it a shot! For those who may not be familiar with Patreon and how it works, I created an FAQ page to answer some of the general questions that my supporters may have.

Continuing on from my goals that I have for this year, I also wanted to start up a podcast series related to my work. I have ideas about topics such as dating, advice, Q&A’s and more. This is my goal when I reach 100 patrons and we’ll all share ideas about what we want to featured on my podcast. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I know!

What do you think about my goals for 2018? Drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon! I’d love to hear from you!

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Priscilla Folarin is a UK based author and entrepreneur with great dreams and ambitions. She noticed her passion for writing at a very young age and was encouraged to pursue it by her teachers.

She went on to get top marks in her GCSEs and A Level English Language & Literature exams; one of which sported a perfect score. That same year, she went on to win the Student of the Year Award for her achievements in English at her college, Sir George Monoux College. Priscilla continued to study English Language and Literature at Middlesex University where she earned her Bachelors degree.
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