Risk & Royalty: The eBook Series You Don’t Want To Miss Out On – Find Out Why

My book series is now here!

Titled ‘Risk & Royalty’, a rollercoaster of a tale about Alicia Akindele and Prince Michael Ethelworth who manage to bump into each other despite being from very different universes. Alicia is an accomplished, risk taking reporter that never payed more attention to anything else apart from her work– but that all changed in a night. Prince Michael was drawn to Alicia from across a bustling ballroom and the rest is history!

Why did I create this series? 

I created Risk & Royalty because I wanted to create a soap-like experience but with books. I believe it’s a new and fresh idea and I wanted to go ahead and change the game. Plus, I also wanted to change the atypical mainstream narratives where it’s the blonde haired, blue eyed girl that always ends up with the Prince. It gives the idea that only a certain type of woman gets the man of her dreams (if it were to be a prince) and the rest just get to look on in envy and feel unqualified. No. Everyone is worthy of love and from whomever. Risk & Royalty explores that and makes others feel visible for a change.

Sounds good, right? Great, I think you should definitely check it out! Tap here to get started with a free snippet.

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