Rescue & Retribution Launch: How The Risk & Royalty Series Defies Atypical Romance Narratives for Black Women

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know that the second book in the Risk & Royalty series: Rescue & Retribution is out tomorrow! Are you as excited as I am? Awesome!

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So what’s the deal with Romance and Marginalised Folk?


Representation Matters. 

As you will know, I’m a Black British woman and one of the topics discussed in my community is about the lack of representation in the media. It is either very limited or perpetuating negative stereotypes, and I can’t tell you now–we’re over it! We want to have a larger scope of the narratives we’re involved in. I would love to see more movies and TV shows where women of colour are expressing their autonomy as women. It’s way overdue.

Think about all the prominent romance or romance comedy movies or TV shows. Now think about how many of them has a woman of colour as the star? Yeah, exactly. Not that many to go round. Some might ask why that’s such a problem, I’ll put it simply: when you’re never the image of being worthy of love, usually you start to believe it. If we ever are involved, it’s usually to be the ‘woman on the side’ or the ‘woman who can’t find a good man’ and so on. So many movies come to mind and that downright irks me. Why is this the norm? Does society want to tell us that we can’t have healthy and beneficial relationships?

Our Narratives need to be our own

Way too often we tend to rely on mainstream media and Hollywood to represent us. No, boo boo. That’s never a good idea. They control the representation of people and their cultures to serve a single purpose–their own. They don’t stand for marginalised folk. That doesn’t mean to say that no meaningful movies have ever been made, but I wouldn’t rely on a predominantly white owned sector to represent me and other people like me properly, positively and truthfully. My romance books are made with this in mind; to remind us that we are worthy of love, we do ‘get chose’, and that we are free to live the lives we want!

We Need To Be Able To Create Worlds Where We Feel Welcome.

If you’ve made it this far into this blog post, I take it you’re liking my ideas and approach to my writing. It means a lot to me that you feel that way! It’s not fair that Miss Eurocentric, being valued and worshipped, should be the only woman who is visible in mainstream media. We are much too diverse and everyone deserves to feel that others see them. I’ve created a world that I can escape from my imperfect reality.  A world where I am not ignored; overlooked, stereotyped, and inherently seen as a threat. My writing is my safe space and I want to share it with you.

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What do you think are the main issues with how black women are portrayed in the media? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My romance books are made with this in mind; to remind us that we are worthy of love, we do 'get chose', and that we are free to live the lives we want! Click To Tweet

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