Prisca the Great – Part 2

Chapter 3

After finally getting rid of my lovesick driver, it then dawned on me that I was left alone with a man that radiated sexiness. Once I’d realised, I glanced at William… only to find out that he had been watching me and smiling the whole time.

“Can I help you, Will?”

“Oh, we’re using nicknames now? I can think of one for you.” He was enjoying this a bit too much.

I can have a nickname for you. As for you, you can call me Your Majesty. Just so you remember your duty is to me. Naturally, of course.” I shrugged, trying my best to hide the electricity he was making me feel.

William held his hands up in the air in acknowledgment. “Yes, Your Majesty. Where are my manners? I said I would dedicate myself to you and here I am getting carried away with your charm! Respectfully, ma’am… Will we be getting inside any time soon?”

Damn, he’s right. But I won’t be able to contain myself around him. Boy, he smells so damned good!

“Well… I guess you have a point there. I am quite… tired.” I was lying, I wasn’t really ‘tired’.

With all the thoughts racing in my mind, I began to fumble with the keys. My attempts to keep my cool were slipping. I did manage to open the door eventually, and in the moment of my relief I felt strong arms whisk me in the air and carry me into the house. I indeed was caught off guard but I couldn’t help but be impressed by how easily he picked me up. As William was carrying me so effortlessly, he made his way to the sofa in the living room and gently put me down.

“William! What are you do–!”

Next thing I know; he pried open my legs, lifted my dress up and started kissing on my stomach. Passionately. I’m overwhelmed by our chemistry, how comfortable we feel, how open we are. This isn’t what I’m used to. I’m used to getting my way, but he was getting his! My first instinct was to be stubborn and pretend to be outraged, but all that hard-headedness melted away once I felt those warm lips against my skin. His head travelled higher and I enjoyed how he payed attention to detail and his enthusiasm was enthralling. His lips reach mine and I find myself overtaken with the drive to open up myself to him, to let him see the parts of myself that I’m much too guarded to let anyone see… even myself.

“My Queen, what would you have me do now? Say the word, and I’ll do it.” He said looking me deeply in the eyes. I could see the dedication… the admiration.

I tried to gather my senses together, so my words didn’t come out jumbled. “I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the things I’d want you to do. I don’t even think you could handle it.”

“I guarantee you, Prisca. I can handle much more than you think.’ He said with a mischievous tone in his voice.

I let out a sigh and covered my face. His charm was so alluring, I wasn’t used to someone making me so coy. What should I tell him to do? I then sat up and grabbed his face. “What makes you think that you instantly qualify to be with me? You show up brandishing your good looks, wonderful smile, broad chest… Anyway, that’s besides the point. I decide what you qualify for. Got it?”

He gently took my hands into his, “I understand your type of personality. You never want to relinquish control, you put up guards to protect yourself…”

“Oh, is that right? You suddenly have a PhD on Prisca Studies? By all means, do tell, Will!” I was annoyed that he had a very good point. He could read me like a book.

“I’m saying this in the kindest way, I assure you. You do all this because you’ve been hurt before and you don’t want it to happen again. You care too much and you can’t risk people knowing and taking advantage. You have to be strong so people know not to mess with you… and it’s a formula that works. I respect you for that.” All I could see was sincerity in his eyes. Who was this guy?

“So, I take it you’ve been stalking me then?” I folded my arms in stubbornness.

“No, Prisca. I’ve just observed you for a little while. I could tell right away you needed someone to prove to you that they could please you and be trusted at the same time.” He said this whilst rubbing the side of my thigh and trying to hide his quick glances at my cleavage.

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He seemed perfect, maybe too perfect. I know better than to get carried away with feelings I have for a man. You never really know what their angle is ‘till it’s too late. On the other hand, he may be the real deal and I could possibly be spoiling my chance at something genuine… Someone rang the bell and I got up to see who it was. Lo and behold…

“Hi, ma’am. Sorry to bother you at this hour.”

It was Mark! What on earth was he doing here?

“Mark?! Is there any reason why you’re here at this time of night?” I inquired whilst tying the silk robe I quickly slipped on.

He looked embarrassed, but he also looked like he needed to get something of his chest. I guess I’ll hear him out.

“Ma’am… I have to tell you something. I’ve been keeping it hidden, but I must let you know how I feel about you. You are the sunshine to my stormy day, you are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile.”

Damn. I wasn’t expecting this! He can’t be telling me this whilst Will is still here. He could break him into two if he wanted to! What he was doing was sweet, but he was very aware I was seeing someone else, he really doesn’t need to be making things worse for himself. However, I did admire his bravery.

“Awww, that’s very sweet, Mark. I really appreciate your kind words–” I felt strong arms wrap around my waist from behind.

“But she’s seeing me. Remember? That’s why I was invited to her house and you’re weren’t.” I loved Will’s masculine edge at this point, but poor Mark.

“Yes, I’m aware, sir.” Mark spluttered.

“So why are you here? Do I need to teach you not to harass Pris? Because I’m very good at what I do, if you know what I mean.” Will jeered.

Mark watched on in somewhat shock and hurt. I couldn’t imagine the pain he was going through, I had to stop it before it got any worse.

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“Well, Mark! It was lovely seeing you. You know you always cheer me up. I’ll call you tomorrow for when I need a ride, okay?” I explained as kindly and as reassuring as I could muster.

He cleared his throat. “Yes, ma’am. Again, sorry to bother you.” Mark sounded like he was about to cry. I felt awful. He walked to his car with despair in his stride, I couldn’t help but feel terrible about it. I closed the door and stood thinking.

“Everything ok, Pris?” Will asked with concern.

“What kind of silly question is that? You broke the guy’s heart! Did you really need to be so macho? You don’t own me you know!” I couldn’t help but yell. Why was I even yelling? It’s not like I had feelings for Mark… did I?

“Ok, maybe that was harsh. I also understand why you’re upset. I shouldn’t have gotten involved and I definitely shouldn’t have spoken for you. I know. But think of it this way, what kind of man would let another make advances with no kind of reaction? I know you definitely want someone who is confident enough to fight for what they want unlike pathetic Mark. Or am I wrong? Just tell me I’m wrong.”

That was the annoying thing. He wasn’t wrong. I was turned on by his protectiveness and his sense of dominance. I can’t lie to myself and act like it didn’t do anything to me. What planet was this guy from anyway? Will moved closer to me, slowly getting on his knees without breaking eye contact. He rested his chin on my stomach and butterflies instantly flooded. He was very good at seducing me.

“I’m willing to do anything to make things right, if I must. What would you have me do, Your Majesty?” He started kissing on my stomach, making it really hard for me to think. Damn him.

“Hmm… I’m just thinking.” I was trying to fight the distractions whilst thinking about how I should make him pay for hurting Mark’s feelings.

He went on to start slowly and seductively running his hands up and down the back of my thighs, still maintaining eye contact. That’s probably his plan–to make me forget! Well, he was doing a great job.

“I’ve got it.”
“Yes, ma’am?”
“Take me to my room.”
“Oh… With pleasure, Pris.”

He whisked me away to my bedroom by effortlessly carrying me on his shoulder and I was not ready for what was about to happen next…

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