My Top 5 Celeb Crushes and What I Love About Them

Hey lovely people! It’s been a while hasn’t it? My latest posts have been quite serious and kinda sad, so I felt to lighten the mood with talking about my celeb crushes!


Who doesn’t have celeb crushes? From when you’re a screaming teen fan girl right up to your senior years, everyone has a celebrity that they’re secretly (or openly) crushing on! I’m in a sharing mood, so here’s mine in no particular order 😉


1) Jessica Camacho

Jessica Camacho - Short Stories with Priscilla

Photo Credit – Gage Skidmore

Firstly, let me just drop this GIF as it needs to be done:

I first noticed Jessica on the Flash and had that nagging feeling that I had seen her from somewhere else. Turns out I remembered her from Sleepy Hollow! When I saw Jessica on The Flash again, I had to do a double take because she was simply flawless and captivating.

Excuse me whilst I snap out of my daydreams! ?☺️

Thinking back to The Flash, I love to see women playing strong and powerful roles. I’m sure this has made her so much more badass to a lot of people who watch the show! I hope to see a lot more of her as her success and brand grows. You’ve got our support, Jessica!


2) Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill - Short Stories with Priscilla

Photo Credit – Gage Skidmore

What a perfect choice for the Man of Shteel… This is the movie where Henry first caught my eye. I also loved his performance in Immortals, however, I was a bit disappointed in him taking a role in Gods of Egypt– but that’s another discussion.

Tall, built, and charismatic… Some of the great components of making a very attractive person. I tend to imagine Henry as the kind of guy that’s suave and charming when he wants to be and makes people swoon! Heck, that’s how I’d be at least. You know what I love about an actor? Conviction in their technique. Being able to convey a story, create the essence of a character and making you believe it… what a talent! It’s an incredible and highly valuable skill. It all the more adds to his charm.


3) Carlos Valdes

Carlos Valdes - Short Stories with Priscilla

Photo Credit – Gage Skidmore

Another actor from The Flash? Yes, I know! There’s more from that show that I’ll just keep to myself. ☺️

Now, Carlos! See, now Carlos! Girrrrrl.
secret celeb gif - short stories with priscilla

God bless this baby-faced, adorable, whimsical and FINE A** man! He’s one of my favourite characters in the Flash and he definitely adds the humour! I imagine him to be one of those guys that you can have an awesome laugh with, a simple sweetheart! And guess what? Carlos can SANG, too! What a pleasant surprise! Check out his video ‘Open Your Eyes’ on YouTube, I really enjoyed it *proud tears*!

4) Shawn Wayans 

Now, I know some of you might be wondering where the brothas are in this list. Don’t worry, I was getting to them!

Shawn Wayans was the crush that I didn’t realise I had until much later. You know when you’re just in denial? Yeah, that. I mostly knew him from the Wayans Brothers Show that I used to watch as a teen. He was just perfect skinned, perfectly built and scrumptious.

Talented, driven and part of a well known family in the industry; Shawn is definitely one to keep an eye on. He still does comedy gigs and has big plans for his career. We support you and wish you the best, Shawn!

5) William Levy

Hold on, girl. Let me go get a fan…


secret celeb crush -short stories with priscilla


I wish I could add a picture, but I couldn’t find a royalty free one. Your girl’s not trying to get sued, so for this instance you’ll have to look on trusty Google.

William Levy is a Cuban actor best known for his multiple roles on telenovelas. To me, I can imagine he’s the kind of guy that his mere presence just drives his admirers CUH-RAY-ZEE. I bet there isn’t anywhere he isn’t mauled by screaming fans or constantly pestered by women in heat. I’d honestly do my best to keep it together because I tend to be calm when I meet celebs. I am amazing, too, you know!

So that’s my top 5 celebrity crushes. Who are yours?

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