Fifty Shades Darker: 5 Reasons Why You’d Want To Date Christian Grey (And 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away)




I got to watch the long awaited sequel of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie based on the novel by E L James yesterday! Now, I’ve got to say I wasn’t sure what to expect after having seen the first one– but it delivered. I personally felt it was much better than the first movie! So, as I was watching Fifty Shades Darker, I was thinking: ‘This kind of guy would be great to date, but it would be an awful choice at the same time.’.

Here’s some reasons why a person like Christian Grey would be great to date:

He would make your life much easier financially.

Now, who doesn’t like money? To have an easier life, to enjoy the finer things and not have to work if you didn’t want to? I love how Christian got her a new MacBook and an iPhone. I would be ecstatic to have that sent to my door! Women tend to love the security that an affluent man can bring. This doesn’t mean to say that we couldn’t stand on our own two feet, but a man that can take care of himself can take even better care of you. Now, I’m used to providing for myself, working and saving up for the things that I want. However, I wouldn’t mind a wealthy man taking away the weight of bills off my shoulders either. Well, as long as he doesn’t act like he owns me! Isn’t it awful when men do that?

Dating a confident and capable man is so much more attractive. 

I’m not sure about you, but sheepish, self-doubting and apathetic men are a super turn off. Being a very energy oriented person, I prefer to have the most positive of energies surrounding me on a daily basis. Who really wants to be around someone who isn’t ambitious or dripping with the swagger it takes to be successful? It isn’t always easy to attain, but it’s a very valuable trait. Christian Grey oozes suaveness and successfulness– that always makes him so much more appealing. What are appealing traits for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Your love life would be explosive and adventurous. 

As much as Christian and Anastasia’s relationship was in no way perfect, you can’t tell me you didn’t feel jealous during those steamy scenes! I personally found myself wanting to flap my hands around in frustration, but I think a stranger flapping their hands around in a dark screening theatre wouldn’t be a great choice! Christian Grey had questionable tastes, but nothing about it was vanilla. It was different, interesting, and effective (Lucky Anastasia!). One of the things that can get stale in a relationship can be the sex life, so it’s helpful to be with someone who’s open minded and adventurous. He can help push forward your career with his connections and resources.

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Grey being as successful as he is would be a great asset for any woman dating him. Anastasia definitely benefited from this, and in the world of work it’s truly about who you know. She didn’t even have to work if she didn’t want to. Grey would have happily supported her and that is great option to have. Working out of choice rather than necessity is much better!

You’d be the envy of your friends and many other people.

Wouldn’t it just be great to have an awesome man to show off? I’m sure that there were many women jealous of Anastasia (as you will see in Fifty Shades Darker) and naturally you would get envious women. Who doesn’t love to have what everyone else wants but can’t have? I know that I would savour it! Haters gonna hate!
As much as those are some really good reasons to date someone like Christian Grey, it doesn’t come without its downfalls.

Here’s why you should run away at the first chance you get:

He has severe mental and emotional issues.

Grey having an abusive early childhood as well as a mother who died from drug use was going to leave scars no matter what. He struggled with the trauma way into adulthood and this usually completes the recipe of a problematic man–especially as dating material. I always wondered how with all the resources that were available to him… why didn’t he get therapy?? He definitely needed it as he showed clear signs of PTSD with the constant nightmares. He could afford it, but instead he overindulged in sex, which many do as a coping mechanism.

He has too much power and is very capable of being dangerous to you and your family.

Think of all the powerful and rich people you know. Now, think about if you crossed them. Yeah, scary, right? Christian Grey falls into the category of ‘powerful and dangerous’. It would have been well within his reach to get revenge in the most intrusive ways possible. It’s just as they say: everyone’s got a price. Everything you hold dear is much too vulnerable when dating the elite, so if I were you, I would haul out of there!

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He exhibited stalker and possessive behaviour.

There were many occasions where Grey would show up wherever Anastasia was unannounced and that was quite troubling for me. Whenever she made the choice to go somewhere without his permission, he would then just show up. Makes me shiver. That is not love nor ‘concern’, that’s harassment and stalking. I was so uneasy watching those scenes! I don’t think many women would have found that flattering, why didn’t Anastasia cut things off there?

He fetishes women in a highly disturbing fashion.

His need for dominance and inflicting pain is what it is… more than messed up. Grey also went out of his way to search for women that looked like his mum as to find victims to exact his revenge upon sexually. That’s next level weird. Looking for people that look like your later mother just to inflict pain in a sexual setting?? This is why I suggested he needed instense therapy. Nothing about that is normal, let alone okay.

He had deranged women after him and anyone he was dating.

The trouble with a man with an eccentric taste as his, it will also bring him into contact with equally eccentric women. The way he grooms women was bound to leave some women mentally dishevelled. They tend to hang around and be jealous of the next woman enjoying his attention. To me, I’d see that a huge red flag. No one needs to be constantly harassed by unstable women drawn to Grey’s abusive behaviour. Unstable attracts unstable, I wouldn’t hang around!

In summary, a rich, successful and handsome man is always alluring. But it’s always best to be vigilant, discerning and observe his character–rather than get carried away with everything else. Ultimately, it’s a person’s character you have to live with–not just their superficial qualities. The skill of discernment is useful when dealing with most men, but especially those who have power and popularity. But a girl can dream, though, right?

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